Divorcing During the Holidays? 6 Tips for Emotional Well-Being

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Whether it’s your first holiday season as a divorced person or you’re currently in the midst of a divorce, there’s no denying that emotions can be high. Even if you’ve been divorced for years now, the idea of holidays alone or without your children can be difficult. 

Our divorce attorneys are here to help. Here at Fairell Roy & Associates, our divorce lawyers are there for every step of the process. We’ve shared some wisdom about divorce and the holidays in today’s blog, and we hope you’ll use it! Mental health is so important, and both the holidays and divorce can hurt it. Keep reading to learn more, check out our blog and video Tips for Dealing With the Emotional Stress of Divorce, and contact us today to work with a divorce attorney in Atlanta.

Be Your Own Advocate

Divorce is never easy and, sometimes, friends and family members will pitch in with their own thoughts about your situation. While this may be welcome at times, be sure to stand up for yourself and avoid conversations about your divorce or ex (especially if your children are there). The whole divorce process is difficult, so be patient with yourself.

Focus on the Good

It can be easy to think about all that’s gone wrong this year instead of focusing on the good. If you’re not with your kids, then be sure to spend time with friends or family so that you can choose to focus on the positives of this situation.

Make New Family Traditions

Maybe it’s time to make some new traditions! Just because they aren’t the ones you’ve always done with your kids and ex, doesn’t mean they’re not good. Our divorce attorneys recommend this as another way to focus on the good.

Prioritize Your Health

Whether it’s working out, eating right, or drinking plenty of water, don’t forget about your physical health! Our physical and mental health are inextricably linked, so working on one will help the other. Of course, it doesn’t take the place of a therapist (which our divorce attorneys recommend for many clients).

Take Breaks When Needed

If you’re with family or friends and are feeling overwhelmed, then don’t be afraid to step away and spend some time by yourself. Sure, we said to make sure you’re with others this holiday season; however, that doesn’t mean you don’t need time to process and be alone.

Work Cooperatively With Your Ex If You Have Kids

And, finally, be sure to work and communicate well with your ex if you have children. Check out our blog posts Child Custody and the Holidays: What You Need to Know and 6 Tips for Communicating With Your Ex Over the Holidays for more information and focus on making this a great holiday for your children despite the changes.

Meet With a Divorce Attorney in Atlanta Today

If you’re in the Atlanta area, then you’ve found a divorce attorney you can trust in Fairell Roy & Associates. We’re conveniently located in Tucker and we can help with filing for divorce, legal separation, child custody, child support, and more. The best divorce attorneys are the ones who will listen to you, which we’ll certainly do. Contact us today to meet with a divorce attorney in Atlanta.

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