Metro Atlanta Divorce and Legal Separation Family Law Attorney

Going through a divorce can be painful, complicated and messy. Having adequate representation to handle your affairs from the beginning will assist in helping protect your rights in custodial issues, child support, property settlements and fair compensation when warranted. Divorce cases are varied, with each one having its own dynamics. This can be a grueling and expensive process. The Fairell Law Firm works as your advocate and liaison in these negotiations to navigate the process for a reasonable resolution.

We understand the sensitive nature of divorce proceedings and work to not only educate our clients, but provide any help they may need in potentially volatile situations. Having an attorney that understands the laws of Georgia who is able to answer any questions, assist with suggestions on speaking with your children, and provide reputable referrals for counseling is key. These are not instances that should be taken lightly and all factors must be carefully weighed before making any decisions.

Whether your divorce is simple with no children or property, or a complicated one that involves a number of variables, we are there every step of the way. The Fairell Law Firm has years of experience in handling divorce cases and ensures fair and equitable treatment for their clients. After reviewing the facts, we recommend alternatives and solutions that will work to your advantage. We also can handle any post-divorce issues that may arise, and follow-up to guarantee the other party is in compliance.

We’re here to help make this experience one that provides the most protection without diminishing your quality of life. Contact our office today.