Metro Atlanta Child Custody Attorney

When divorce proceedings involve children, determining the custodial parent can be a complicated process. One parent may favor their parenting skills over the other, and the child may be caught in the middle of a potentially volatile situation. In cases where the parents are unmarried, these cases can also pose significant problems if no resolution can be determined between the parents.

Our firm handles custodial cases and modifications in a discreet and professional manner, understanding the sensitive nature of the situation while placing the child’s best interest at the forefront. Our counsel consists of a number of variables when working on the parent’s behalf to establish the best scenario for the child. The State of Georgia has specific guidelines on determining the award of custody, and we work diligently to ensure our clients have the best advocate on their side.

Being educated is the first step in the process, with our team providing pertinent information on what custody is, what it means and the requirements needed to win the case, clearly communicating that parents should try and work cooperatively as much as possible for the best interest of the child.

Unmarried fathers In Georgia, have no legal rights to their children unless they file a petition for legitimation. A petition for legitimation, if granted, will allow the father to have custody rights. We represent many fathers and win primary custody of their children. We also represent mothers. We don’t favor fathers over mothers, or mothers over fathers. We advocate for what Is right based on your child and the circumstances.

Our goal is to make sure our clients are satisfied, the minor child is safe in a loving and stable environment, and that we have provided adequate representation in the custodial and visitation arrangements.

With years of experience in this area, we can help you in obtaining a favorable outcome in your case. Contact The Fairell Law Firm for fair results today!