Personal Injuries & Impairment, Pt. 4

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We know how it is: you’re tired or feel otherwise unwell, but you don’t want to use a coveted day of PTO to just be unwell at home. Why not just be unwell and slightly impaired at the office?

As personal injury attorneys, we recommend you go ahead and take the day off work, rest up, and make sure you’re healthy and strong before heading back to work or getting into a vehicle. As car accident attorneys and slip and fall lawyers, we see many accidents that could’ve been prevented if someone had recognized and acknowledged when they were too impaired to work.

For the fourth part of this blog series, we’re going to discuss impairment risks and how you can make sure you’re safe. As June is National Safety Month, we’ve borrowed each weekly post’s focus from the outline set by the National Safety Council. Check out the other posts in this series to increase your safety and your workplace’s safety:

However, we know accidents aren’t always preventable. Perhaps it’s a car or truck accident, slip and fall accident, or another scenario that leads to you needing a personal injury attorney. Whatever it is, The Fairell Firm is here to help. Keep reading to learn tips from us and the National Safety Council, and then contact us today to meet with a personal injury attorney.

Impairment Risks

When most people think of impairment, they may think of drinking or consuming drugs. While this is certainly true and we’ll discuss it more in-depth below, there are other impairments to be aware of, as referenced from the National Safety Council:

  • Missing just a few hours of sleep can hinder your driving abilities, even if you’re only driving to and from work. (Check out our post on fatigue for more information!)
  • About 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder. See if you can get screened for one by your doctor and get help.
  • Prescription drugs, including opioids, can impair your ability to drive and work.
  • Before starting any new prescriptions, discuss potential side effects with your doctor, including how they could affect your ability to work or drive.
  • Impairment begins as soon as you take your first drink of alcohol. Even if you have drank in the past and been fine, you never know when an accident could happen.
  • Impairment can also be emotional and not just physical. If you’re experiencing extreme stress or anxiety, your focus could be impaired and lead to safety risks.

Simply put, don’t take chances! What could start out as a simple drink out with friends or a fun night that led to less sleep than usual could culminate in needing a car accident lawyer, slip and fall lawyer, or a personal injury attorney for any other reason.

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