Personal Injury

Metro Atlanta Personal Injury Claims Attorney

iStock_000033429382_MediumMost people think personal injury cases are strictly for vehicular accidents and do not understand the broad umbrella and scope of personal injury claims. These cases involve situations where individuals have been impaired in some way that has affected their quality of life, families, and the ability to make a living wage. These situations include negligence from nursing homes, medical malpractice, wrongful deaths, construction jobs, slip and falls and other situations that are debilitating through no fault of their own.

At The Fairell Law Firm, we step in from the very beginning to make sure your interests are protected. With a stellar reputation in litigating personal injury claims and obtaining equitable settlements, we handle the entire process. We are adept at speaking with physicians and witnesses, the discovery process, filing motions, and getting information that may have been suppressed by the other party or their insurance company. We work to get fair assessments of your injuries and adequate compensation to cover your injuries, pain and suffering. These cases can be very complex, taking time, patience and a diligence for achieving results.

Our consultations are thorough and detailed to obtain the information needed to properly assess your situation, determine next steps and formulate a winning strategy. The personal injury claims process is probing and deliberate, and having an experienced attorney on your team is not an option, but a necessity. We put your best interests at the forefront to give your case the attention it needs. Let us help you restore your losses. Contact The Fairell Law Firm today.