Personal Injury

Metro Atlanta Auto Accident & Personal Injury Attorney

Most people think personal injury cases are strictly for vehicular accidents and do not understand the broad umbrella and scope of personal injury claims. These cases involve situations where individuals have been impaired in some way that has affected their quality of life, families, and the ability to make a living wage. These situations include negligence from nursing homes, medical malpractice, wrongful deaths, construction jobs, slip and falls and other situations that are debilitating through no fault of their own.

At The Fairell Law Firm, we step in from the very beginning to make sure your interests are protected. With a stellar reputation in litigating personal injury claims and obtaining equitable settlements, we handle the entire process. We are adept at speaking with physicians and witnesses, the discovery process, filing motions, and getting information that may have been suppressed by the other party or their insurance company. We work to get fair assessments of your injuries and adequate compensation to cover your injuries, pain, and suffering. These cases can be very complex, taking time, patience and a diligence for achieving results.

Our consultations are thorough and detailed to obtain the information needed to properly assess your situation, determine next steps and formulate a winning strategy. The personal injury claims process is probing and deliberate, and having an experienced attorney on your team is not an option, but a necessity. We put your best interests at the forefront to give your case the attention it needs. Let us help you restore your losses. Contact The Fairell Law Firm today.

Auto Accidents

Have you ever driven down a Georgia Highway and seen the electronic sign documenting the number of car accident fatalities? Each day, the numbers get higher and higher. Death is the ultimate fear in an auto accident, however in comparison to the number of accidents that happen each day, the death toll is small. Collisions between automobiles, motorcycles, and pedestrians happen every day on Georgia roadways; so often in fact, that they would seem like a common part of everyday life. According to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, as of 2016, there are more than 335,000 accidents per year in Georgia.

Accidents are unpredictable and take place when we least expect them to. We can do everything right. Wear our seatbelts, put our phone away and drive the speed limit but even the best drivers can be injured by the negligence of others, so it is important that you take appropriate action to make sure these drivers are held responsible for any life changes they caused.

Injuries sustained in a collision can cause lifelong disabilities, including brain, neck and back injuries, as well as cause broken or fractured bones. Even less severe soft tissue injuries detected days after the collision, like head trauma, whiplash, and spinal strains and sprains, cause you to suffer considerable pain and discomfort for several months at a time.

If you have suffered injuries due to the negligence of another driver, consider speaking with an experienced attorney at The Fairell Firm. In most cases, one of the worst things you can do after you’re injured in a car accident is to attempt to take on their insurance company alone. We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a personal injury attorney but we encourage you to chose wisely. Here at The Fairell Firm, we get it. We are small in size but offer big representation. Our clients meet with an attorney and stay in contact with an attorney during their case, not a call center or legal assistant. We like to know our clients so that when we fight for you, we can display the compassion and understanding that you need.

Every case is important we understand that your life has been altered in some way. In 2016, Attorney Fairell was traveling home from a quick bite to eat when a distracted driver ran a red light, hit her full speed and pushed her across four lanes of oncoming traffic. All airbags deployed and dust and debris were floating in the air once her car came to a stop against the phone pole.  Her SUV was totaled but she had survived, however, her life was changed forever. Years later she is still in pain. We get it because we have been in your shoes.  Hire a firm that looks like you and one that relates to you. Great representation matters.

Catastrophic/Permanent Injuries

Sometimes bad things happen to really good people. While we wish we could explain why such a thing happens, we can’t but we know it hurts. It hurts our bodies if we are the injured and it hurts our hearts when we have lost someone we love dearly.

When someone is left permanently impaired due to another person’s negligence, feelings of unfairness are more than justified. When a person is left with a permanent injury, like an amputated limb or spinal injury that results in full or partial paralysis, he or she is forced to endure lifelong changes and profound hardships.

Financial compensation is never meant as a holistic remedy, but it is often the best option offered under the law in Georgia. In permanent bodily impairment cases, there is no way to completely recover what has been lost and make a person whole again. Such losses, by definition, are irrevocable. As  Atlanta personal injury attorneys in Tucker, Georgia, our goal then is to make sure no one escapes their responsibilities toward you.

In order to hold a negligent party responsible for the losses caused by that party’s misconduct, a lawsuit for the proper cause of action is often the best option available. Unfortunately, delay in bringing such claims can seriously damage your case. Georgia law prohibits claims from even being made after a certain amount of time has passed. Additionally, as time passes, evidence of the negligent party’s misconduct can disappear or be destroyed. Though it is always difficult amidst a serious loss, the success of a legal claim against a negligent party often depends on how soon you retain an attorney. If you have suffered a serious permanent loss due to someone else’s negligence, we encourage you to call The Fairell Firm for a free consultation. We understand that money will never replace what you have lost, but our job is to maximize the recovery you are entitled to.

Slip and Falls

For many years, society would take slip and fall cases and consider them a joke. As if fracturing a disc in your back, or bruising your hip is anything to laugh about. Through advocacy, laws have gotten tougher to protect you because falling and being hurt is no laughing matter.

Falls due to an unsafe condition on the property of a business happen every day. A spilled cleaning substance, an icy walkway, or a damaged sidewalk can cause fractured or broken bones, head and spine damage, or other serious, life-changing injuries. This isn’t your fault and you shouldn’t have to pay.

Under Georgia law, businesses have a distinguished responsibility to protect their customers from hidden dangers. Of course, foreign substances on a business’ floor are considered a hazardous condition, but problems built into the property itself, like a decaying staircase or a hole in a paved walkway are also hazardous conditions that expose a business to a possible lawsuit. In order for a “slip & fall” case to prevail, Georgia law requires an injured person to demonstrate that the property owner or business operator had knowledge or should have had knowledge of the hidden danger.

To be successful, your attorney must be skilled enough to prove that your injuries were caused by a hazardous condition and that the hazardous condition was caused by the negligence of the business owner or one of his or her subordinates. If immediate action isn’t taken fast, a hazardous condition is quickly repaired, and evidence of the incident is quickly lost or destroyed. If you have been slipped or fallen because of a hidden danger on another’s property, contact a personal injury attorney at The Fairell Firm and enjoy a free consultation.

Commercial Trucking Accident

If you have been in an accident with a commercial truck, you can expect attorneys to be knocking down your door trying to get you to work with them. Did you know that it is unethical for an attorney or any representative of an attorney to approach you are representation? Don’t work with a firm that will beg you to become a client and then they don’t call you for an entire year. Contact The Fairell Firm for the small firm feel but big representation.

Collisions caused by commercial trucks are entirely different than collisions caused by ordinary automobiles. Any attorney who treats a commercial truck accident like a “big car accident” is not experienced in this type of litigation. There are several aspects to trucking crashes in Georgia that make the practice unique. Without an attorney that is experienced in the field, the client can quickly lose value on a case.

First, commercial truck collisions usually require immediate investigation. Know that commercial truck drivers are often trained to call their dispatcher before they even call the police. This is done so that the commercial truck’s insurance company will be able to send their investigators to the scene to immediately begin collecting evidence.

Also, in commercial trucking cases, a fair pre-suit settlement should never be expected. The discovery process offered in litigation is almost always required to obtain certain essential documents to ascertain the value of the case. Modern tractor trailers come with advanced computer systems, often with on-board radar and satellite tracking data. Records from such systems can often only be obtained after a lawsuit has begun.

Ultimately, Atlanta trucking cases are more complicated than automobile cases for a variety of reasons too numerous to list. The right attorney for your trucking case will have extensive experience in commercial trucking cases, as well as an excellent understanding of the regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. If you, or a loved one, were injured by the negligence of a driver of a commercial truck, we encourage you to call The Fairell Firm for auto injury consultation.