Mental Health and Divorce: 5 Tips If You’re Divorcing in 2020

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As we are now a few weeks into the new year, you have most likely set some goals and New Year’s resolutions for yourself. If you are getting a divorce in 2020, then taking care of your mental health should certainly be one of your goals. 

The emotional stress of divorce can be incredibly taxing and you may feel alone, stressed, confused, and more during the grieving process. If you follow the tips in today’s blog, then you can improve your chances of maintaining positive mental health during the divorce process. Here at Fairell Roy & Associates, we aim to be your source for tips, knowledge, information, and more regarding divorce in Georgia. Contact us today to meet with a divorce attorney in Atlanta. We’re conveniently located in Tucker and are ready to help you with your case. 

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Choose a Good Divorce Attorney

Your divorce lawyer certainly isn’t your therapist; however, by choosing the best divorce attorney for your case, you will decrease stress during the divorce process. When you have a divorce attorney with whom you get along and trust, you can better focus on maintaining your mental health.

Lean on Your Support Team

Your support team consists of family, friends, and coworkers who love you and care for you. They’re there for fun weekend brunches, but they’re also there for nights when you need to cry and let it all out. If you have children, you can certainly lean on them for support — but be careful not to overwhelm them or badmouth your divorcing spouse in front of them.

Prioritize Physical Health

If you have extreme depression or anxiety, the solution isn’t simply to eat better and work out more. That being said, there is a connection between physical and mental health, and prioritizing your physical health will help.

Prioritize Mental Health

What does taking care of mental health look like for you? This could mean meeting with a therapist weekly, making sure you have time for yourself every night, journaling, and more. Find what works for you and stick to it.

Take It Slowly

Finally, don’t expect to recover emotionally from your divorce right away. Even if you were the initial one filing for divorce and this is what you wanted, it is still an emotional journey that takes time. Let yourself grieve and recognize that the transformation won’t happen overnight. There are five stages of grief — denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance — and it can take a long time to ultimately reach the final stage.

Meet With a Divorce Attorney in Atlanta Today

Working with a divorce attorney who understands your needs and has lots of experience will be paramount to your success. Contact Fairell Roy & Associates today to schedule an appointment with a divorce attorney in Atlanta.

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