7 Tips For Talking To Insurance Companies After A Collision

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Everything can feel rushed and overwhelming following a car accident. Because of this, you may willingly agree to speak with the other driver’s insurance company without even thinking — anything to help, right? However, this is something you certainly don’t want to do.

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss why to avoid this, along with six other tips for talking to insurance companies after a collision. Here in Atlanta, you can trust our personal injury firm to help when you’ve been in an accident and need representation. Contact us today for an initial consultation.

Discuss Dos and Don’ts With A Lawyer

First, you’ll want to find a personal injury firm in Atlanta to work with. Then, after consulting with them, you’ll know what things you should or shouldn’t do when talking with insurance companies. They can also provide you with tips for recovery, let you know how to handle social media during your personal injury case, or answer frequently asked questions about personal injury cases.

Don’t Speak With The Other Insurance Company

Your personal injury lawyer will most likely tell you not to discuss anything with the other person’s insurance company. The liability carrier insurance company does not have your best interest in mind. They’re looking to see if you could be responsible in any way, and what you say will be on the record. They’ll also inquire about injuries, which could change drastically from the day after the accident to two months after the accident. They’re trained to seek out discrepancies, so avoid going on the record and speaking with them.

Provide The Four Ws

This is the basic information any insurance companies will need: who, what, when, and where. These are the aspects any insurance company truly needs, so don’t provide any extra details that could prevent you from getting coverage or assistance later on. They may pressure you for more information, so discuss with your lawyer if it’s a good idea or not — but until then, simply say you’ll share more facts and information when it’s appropriate.

Don’t Discuss Injuries (Yet)

We touched on this earlier, but a slight pain in your lower back the day after the accident could evolve into leg or knee problems a month from now. It’s likely too early to go into details about harm or injury. If pressured to provide more information than your comfortable with, then say that you don’t yet know the full extent of the injuries.

Have Your Attorney Present

It’s never a bad idea to have your personal injury attorney with you when you speak on the phone with your insurance company — in fact, it’s a good idea! Find a personal injury firm who is willing to work with you on all aspects of your personal injury case and accident claim, like speaking with the insurance company.

Provide Photos Of Damage And Injuries

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Photos, notes from doctors, and more are solid evidence to support your accident claim. Make sure any medical bills, explanations, or other documents are dated and signed by your doctor. Make sure photos of damage are taken immediately following the accident.

Take Notes

During your phone call with your insurance company, it’s easy to become flustered or even emotional. After all, this injury has drastically changed your life — why do you have to relive it over and over again? Because of this, and because you’ll likely receive a lot of information during the call, it’s wise to take notes you can review later.

Visit Our Personal Injury Firm In Atlanta Today

It’s difficult and often not worth it to fight insurance companies on your own. Find a personal injury firm in Atlanta who can help you with your personal injury claim — whether it’s from medical negligence, a slip and fall injury, or an auto collision like we described today.

Our team of personal injury attorneys is skilled, experienced, and compassionate when it comes to personal injury in Atlanta. Our personal injury firm is located in Tucker, and we look forward to helping you overcome your injury and move on with your life. Contact us today for a consultation!

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