How We Are Different

When clients choose to do business with The Fairell Firm, they are in for a life changing experience.  Gone are the days of antiquated lawyers with outdated tactics and poor customer service fueled by avoiding the client.  At The Fairell Firm we do law differently and most importantly we treat our clients differently.  The Fairell Firm difference starts with the notion that our clients are more than just a client.  Clients of The Fairell Firm become a member of our team as we work together to fight for positive outcomes by using knowledge, strategy and preparation.  We understand that our clients are going through what is likely the most difficult time in their life so we treat them with compassion and empathy.  We believe that it is important to have an open communication relationship with our clients and we foster that belief by ensuring that every phone call and email is returned in a timely manner.  Our clients never have to wonder what is happening with their case because we provide an online client portal where staff and the client can both upload and download documents, keep track of upcoming court dates, and send chat messages or emails to our team.  In addition to our online portal options, The Fairell Firm provides a modern and welcoming office space for the client to come into the office when needed.  Further, we believe that it is important for clients to know how their money is being used, so we ensure that our clients get a monthly invoice that details everything that has been done on their case.

The Fairell Firm difference is also rooted deeply in case preparation.  When our team (client included) steps into a courtroom or a mediation office we are ready and fully prepared for the task ahead.  We believe that being prepared is the key to success.  Our clients can rest assured knowing that their lawyer knows their case and has listened to their concerns throughout the pendency of the litigation.  We fight aggressively but respectfully for our clients and we pride ourselves on our supreme second to none reputation.

Lastly, The Fairell Firm difference is our dedication to changing the legal industry case by case by pushing the standard of representation to a level of excellence.