Legal Custody vs. Physical Custody In Atlanta

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When it comes to the divorce process, child custody, and child support, it’s easy to become confused and overwhelmed with all of the new concepts. The court decision regarding all of these aspects will affect you and your family for years to come, so you, understandably, want a family law attorney on your side who you can trust. 

That’s where The Fairell Firm comes into the picture. Our family law firm is located in Tucker and serves clients throughout the Atlanta area. We regularly update our blogs with tips, advice, and explanation from our team of family law attorneys so that you can have a greater understanding as you move through the legal process. 

In today’s blog, we’re going to address legal custody and physical custody in Atlanta. Reach out to our team of child custody lawyers today if you’re in need of help. Our team of female lawyers is diligent, compassionate, and tireless when it comes to helping you find a solution for your family.

“Full Custody” Isn’t Recognized In Family Law

First and foremost, we should be clear that “full custody” isn’t a term recognized by family law. Many people refer to legal and physical custody as full custody, but this isn’t a correct term.

Legal Custody

In the state of Georgia, legal custody refers to who makes major decisions for the child. These decisions could include, for example, medical or religious decisions. Legal custody can be awarded to either one or both parents. Even if one parent has full legal custody, however, that doesn’t mean the child only spends time with them; indeed, legal custody actually has nothing to do with the amount of time spent with the child. It solely refers to the decision-making process for the child.

Physical Custody

On the other hand, physical custody has everything to do with the amount of time spent with the child. There are three types of physical custody that may be awarded: 

  • Primary physical custody – Both parents share physical custody of the children, but one parent has primary custody. This could look like one parent has custody and the other gets alternating weekends for visitation time. 
  • Joint physical custody – In this situation, both parents share equal or nearly equal parenting time. 
  • Sole physical custody – As the name suggests, one parent has all physical custody rights in this situation and the other parent has none.

Meet With A Family Law Attorney In Atlanta

When you’re going through the divorce and child custody process, you deserve to work with a family law attorney who will fight for you and your needs. Here in the Atlanta area, that’s The Fairell Firm. Our team of child custody attorneys have the experience, diligence, and compassion you’re looking for. Check out these blogs for more information about working with a family law attorney and the child custody process in general:

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