Consultation & Fees

Case Strategy Session

The most valuable service we offer for potential new clients is the Case Strategy Session which can also be referred to as a Consultation. During this session, you can expect to meet with an attorney for up to an hour. During this hour, you and a Fairell Firm attorney will sit down and discuss in detail what lead you to the point of seeking legal advice. After we have listened to your concerns we will discuss the goals and outcomes you hope to achieve in the event you move forward with your case. You will be advised on the laws of Georgia and we will discuss how they can be strategically used to assist you with your case. Together, we work to develop a solution for you verses throwing you in a one-size fits all scenario. You should feel free to bring any documents that may relate to your case to the appointment and you should feel free to bring a list of questions to make sure that we cover all your concerns during the session. After your appointment, every question will have been answered and you should have a strategic plan of action for moving forward. This session is currently being offered at a discounted rate of $200.00.


Every case is different and we avoid the one-size fits all type of representation. We customize our representation to reflect a strategy that will be beneficial to you and your situation. On average most contested case retainers range between $4,000.00–$6,500.00.

What is a retainer

A retainer is an upfront deposit paid by the client in exchange for representation. The lawyer then uses the funds deposited to bill against as work is done on behalf of a client. Some cases may require an additional retainer and in some cases payment plans are accepted.