A handsome father with his daughter balancing on his back with their arms outstretched in a wheat fieldMetro Atlanta Legitimation and Paternity Family Law Attorney

Having a child while unmarried can pose a number of problems if the relationship with the mother does not remain amicable. You can ensure your rights as a father by taking steps to legitimate your paternity. This is important for establishing custody, visitation rights and securing an equal say in the child’s life. Most people automatically assume once the father’s name is on the birth certificate and he is paying child support, these rights are automatically granted. In the State of Georgia, this is not true.

The Fairell Law Firm can assist with this process to help you avoid complicated matters that may arise in the future. It is best to be proactive and prudent in solidifying your place in your child’s life as soon as possible to establish your role as a parent. Having a knowledgeable team behind you that understands the intricacies of the law is key in getting you the results you seek. Do not put your rights in jeopardy by not going through the legitimation process. By handling the situation early, you can avoid excessive legal fees that could have been avoided in situations that will require counsel and representation to exercise your rights.

We understand the implications that can occur when fathers are denied access to their child, and work diligently to avoid these types of situations. Our goal is to ensure you are in a position to equally enforce your role, while maintaining the level of professionalism and standards of the law. Whenever you need us, we can assist. Contact our office today!