What To Do After A Minor Accident

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So your car didn’t flip over and roll three times and it’s not completely smashed in. There are really just a few minor scratches, and the same can be said of yourself. That doesn’t, however, mean you don’t have a personal injury case.

Here in Atlanta, our personal injury firm is dedicated to helping victims of personal injury get back on their feet again — literally and figuratively. And our personal injury firm isn’t just committed to the personal injury cases where it’s obvious it’s a personal injury case. Even a minor fender bender can be grounds for an accident claim and financial support. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss what you should do after every accident — no matter how minor.

If you’ve been in a life-altering auto, bicycle, or motorcycle accident and feel that you aren’t to blame, meet with the injury lawyers at our personal injury firm in Tucker. We serve clients throughout Tucker and Atlanta, and we’d love to help you feel as well as you once did. Contact us today to get started.

Call 911

In our blog, we’ve previously discussed what to do immediately following a car accident. In it, we said you should, first and foremost, call 911. We feel it’s important to reiterate that here because so many people think that’s not necessary for minor collisions.

However, it’s vital that you do! By calling the police, you’ll have verifiable documentation of exactly what happened. Even if you don’t have a personal injury claim later on, there’s no harm from doing this just in case.

Visit A Medical Professional

So it was a minor fender bender and you don’t feel any pain in your body — what’s the point in visiting a doctor? Our injury lawyers recommend this for a few different reasons:

  • Your body can easily go into shock after an accident, no matter how minor, and you may not be able to feel all the injuries immediately following the accident. Visiting a doctor can let you know that you do actually have an injury.
  • Your body could be experiencing internal trauma that you’re unaware of — and will remain unaware of until it poses a larger threat. A medical professional can identify any internal bleeding or other medical concerns.
  • Your body may not be in pain today — but it could be three days or even a week from now. If that’s the case, then having early documentation from a medical professional will prove to be invaluable in your personal injury case and accident claim.

Work With A Personal Injury Lawyer

Your personal injury claim will be safe with us. Our team of injury lawyers is passionate about the ways an accident claim and successful case can influence your life. Learn questions to ask your personal injury lawyer and how social media can hurt your personal injury claim, and then contact our personal injury firm in Atlanta to get started with your case.

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