Personal Injuries & Hazard Recognition, Pt. 1

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When you think of personal injuries, perhaps the first thing to come to mind is a car accident or a slip and fall injury. While these are certainly incidents that personal injury firms could help you with, there are many different accidents that could warrant a personal injury claim and compensation.

Here at The Fairell Firm, we have the personal injury lawyers you have been looking for. Our personal injury firm is invested in our clients’ health and well-being and we’ll work tirelessly to help you get compensation for recovery.

June is National Safety Month, and we’ve decided to do a blog series to focus on tips for safety because of this. We’ll publish one blog each week that discusses what the National Safety Council has set as the focus for that week.

For this first week of June, the focus is on hazard recognition. While being more aware of, recognizing, and responding to hazards can decrease your risk of accident, it’s undeniable that injuries can still occur. Contact our personal injury firm in Tucker today if you need representation. We serve clients throughout Atlanta in helping with personal injury claims and more.

Learn To See Hazards

You may not think too much about that stray cord at work or the puddle of water that always seems to find its way to the floor. After all, you know to avoid them, right?

However, a newcomer to the office could be at risk of injury — and you could be, too. Even if you know the risk is there, a moment of distraction could lead to personal injury, which could be painful and financially difficult.

To avoid this, our personal injury firm — along with the National Safety Council — recommends training yourself to spot hazards.

To spot hazards, anticipation is often key. Ask yourself, “What might happen if I take this action?” From working with dangerous chemicals and machinery to simply walking through the office, this is relevant. By adopting the mentality of always looking for hazards and then correcting the hazards, you, your coworkers, and others will be safer and be less likely to need a personal injury firm in the future.

Be Aware Of Hazards At Home

Many people involved in personal injuries are in the workplace, but personal injuries can occur at home as well. Because you are so comfortable at home, it may be harder to spot the hazards. It’s important to learn to recognize them as we discussed above, but here are some things to look out for in order to increase safety at home:

  • Prescription opioids should be out of reach of children and disposed of correctly.
  • Cleaning supplies should be out of reach of children and pets.
  • Harmful substances should be disposed of correctly and be in a secure area.
  • Rugs should be secure on the floor to prevent slip and fall injuries.
  • Walkways should be free of clutter that could trip anyone.

As soon as you see a risk or hazard — such as children’s toys in the walkway or medicine in an unsecured area — you should resolve the problem and eliminate the risk of injury immediately. This will keep you, family members, and visitors to your home safe.

Unseen Or Forgotten Hazards

Your workplace should be cognizant of risks and hazards and should respond appropriately, such as posting a “wet floor” sign after mopping. While major hazards at your workplace most likely have policies in place, there are many unseen or forgotten hazards that you, and your employers, should be aware of:

  • Lighting: Keep this in mind at your home as well! A burnt-out bulb may just seem like another thing on your to-do list, but it’s important — the darkness could keep risks and hazards in the shadows and lead to a slip and fall injury and subsequent accident claim.
  • Temperature & Weather: You may experience a lot of different temperatures and weather on the job depending on where you work. Plan ahead and dress appropriately. Be aware of hazards caused by temperature, such as morning dew on concrete or lightning and rain if you work outdoors.
  • Air Quality: Your employers should make sure exhaust fans are running to ensure air quality is up to safety standards.
  • Overexertion: This is the No. 1 cause of work-related injuries. As soon as you experience stress or strain on your body from heavy lifting or repetitive motions, you should talk to your supervisor for recommendations and file a report.

If you’re not careful or if your employer is not up to OSHA standards, then you could be at risk of a personal injury. While we hope you don’t have to go through this, our personal injury firm can help.

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While learning to recognize hazards is the first focus of National Safety Month, we know accidents aren’t always preventable. Follow the tips in this blog and follow up with your employers if you believe your workplace needs improvement.

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Contact our personal injury firm in Atlanta today, and stay tuned for other National Safety Month updates from The Fairell Firm this June!

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