3 Problems With Fighting Insurance Companies On Your Own

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After another car slams into the back of your car, there are countless thoughts and questions going through your mind: Are you OK? Is the other driver OK? Was this my fault? How much is this going to cost? Will my insurance cover this? Should I call the police? Does this qualify as personal injury?

Those are only some of the thoughts you’re likely to have after a car accident, and the situation can be painful and overwhelming both emotionally and physically.

If you’ve sustained an injury in a car accident for which you were not responsible, you’ll want a personal injury lawyer on your side. There are many reasons to hire a personal injury firm, but in today’s blog we’re going to cover the three problems with trying to go it alone with insurance companies instead of working with a personal injury firm in Atlanta. Contact The Fairell Firm today for Top Rated Local® attorneys in Georgia.

You’re In Pain

The last thing you want to do — or may be able to do — when you are injured is file an accident claim with all the right parts filled out and the right boxes checked. You are in a lot of pain and need to care for your injuries appropriately. Dealing with insurance could be looming over your head and causing you even more stress, therefore prolonging your recovery.

You Don’t Have The Needed Time

It takes a lot of time to fill out everything appropriately, talk with the correct people, and get all of your stories and facts out there. When you are recovering from your injury, though, you may be short on time and not have all that much to offer to an insurance company. By working with a personal injury firm instead, you can save that time and put it toward your family, health, work, and other commitments.

You Don’t Have The Experience

Do you know the nuances of accident claims? Do you know how to handle social media during your case? There is too much information to sift through and to organize appropriately, and insurance companies generally aren’t working in your favor. They know all the loopholes and will try to get out of providing money to injured persons whenever possible. The best personal injury lawyers out there can make up for your lack of experience and help you have a successful outcome with the insurance company.

Choose Our Personal Injury Firm

The Fairell Firm isn’t the biggest personal injury firm out there, but we’re big on representation. When you, our client, meet with a personal injury attorney for your case, you’ll stay in contact with her throughout your entire case. We’ll never leave you to a call center, legal assistant, or anyone else who isn’t your designated attorney.

We’ll fight for you in a way that you can’t — and shouldn’t have to — after sustaining an injury. We’ll get to know you personally, so we can show the compassion and understanding your personal injury case needs. Learn what to ask your personal injury lawyer, evaluate the personal injury case checklist, and contact The Fairell Firm today for a personal injury firm in Atlanta.

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