Can I Get Alimony? 3 Things You Should Know

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Getting divorced can be an overwhelming, stressful process from start to finish. Many people often focus on the emotional side of divorce or on who will get legal custody of the children rather than spend time thinking about the financial considerations.

There are many actions you can take to be financially prepared for divorce, along with planning for finances after your divorce. Here at The Fairell Firm, we frequently hear from clients who have questions about alimony. Here’s one of the questions we were asked:

I have been a stay-at-home mom and wife for eight years. My husband did not want me to work, but now he wants a divorce. Will he have to pay me spousal support? -Alice W.

Alice’s question is one that many divorcing couples face — and alimony may be completely justified for her, as it may be for you. If you’re in need of divorce help, be it divorce and custody, reaching a divorce settlement, or understanding alimony, then the local divorce attorneys at The Fairell Firm can help. We serve clients throughout Atlanta and are located in Tucker. Contact us today for divorce help so we can get started on your case!

Your Need For The Support

The divorce court will look at your financial needs and whether or not you can support yourself.

In Alice’s case, for example, she has been out of the workforce for at least eight years and doesn’t necessarily have the experience needed to support herself. The best divorce lawyers will work closely with you before you ever get to divorce court to establish your needs, the standards you’re used to, and your abilities.

Here at The Fairell Firm, our team of female divorce lawyers will work hard to help you understand alimony and determine your financial needs.

Your Partner’s Ability To Pay For The Support

The divorce court will examine your partner’s ability to help support you.

However, your partner can’t always support you financially and the divorce process takes this into account. Even if they can’t provide as much as you may like, though, the divorce court may still require them to pay you a certain amount of money. Though this may not be the amount you were hoping for, any spousal support you receive can be of help.

The Court Will Often Award Alimony For A Set Time Period

The divorce court can set a time limit for how long you’ll receive spousal support.

When spousal support is awarded during the divorce process, that doesn’t mean it will last forever. Instead, the divorce court typically awards alimony for a period of time that will allow you to get yourself in a position to be self-support. This time could be spent finding employment or attending school, for example.

Get Divorce Help In Atlanta Today

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