6 Steps To Choosing The Right Divorce Lawyer

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When you first begin the divorce process, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and underprepared.

Take a deep breath.

The first step is to find a divorce lawyer you can trust and confide in, one who will help you through this period of your life. When you’re looking for divorce help in Atlanta, The Fairell Firm is here for you. We’re a team of female divorce attorneys who have the experience and compassion you want when it comes to divorce. In today’s blog, we’re sharing six steps to help you choose a divorce lawyer you can depend on.

1. Determine How You’ll Divorce

This catches many people by surprise, but the divorce process isn’t always done the same way. For example, legal separation may be a better option for you, or mediation can sometimes be less time-consuming and expensive. Do initial research online, have an idea of which divorce process will be best for you, and then move on to step two.

2. Analyze Your Finances

You don’t want finances to limit you from getting a divorce, but you also shouldn’t go in blind and unprepared. Once you’ve determined which is your preferred divorce process, research the average costs in Georgia for that type of divorce. Make a plan for how you’ll pay for it or find resources that can help you pay for a local divorce attorney.

3. Research Potential Attorneys

Now, research divorce attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia, and find several you think could work with your expectations and finances. Perhaps you’re more comfortable with a female divorce lawyer, so choose a qualified female attorney who is experienced in family law. Choose at least three potential divorce lawyers and move forward.

4. Meet With Several Divorce Attorneys

Schedule meetings with all three (or more) of the potential attorneys. Have a consultation with each and see whom you’re most comfortable with. Don’t type in “divorce attorney near me” and simply choose the closest one; all attorneys will have a different perspective on your specific case, and meeting with more than one can expose you to different solutions.

5. Be Aware Of Red Flags

When you interview local divorce attorneys, see if they’re distracted by phone calls, emails, or more — they likely won’t be focused on your case if so. Don’t work with someone who divulges confidential information about other clients. You deserve to be respected and treated fairly, and the interview can help you gauge the divorce lawyer’s professionalism.

6. Make A Decision

And, finally, the last step! It’s time to make a decision and move forward with the divorce process. Trust both your heart and your head at this time, and choose a divorce lawyer who will adequately address your needs. You’ve got this.

Choose The Fairell Firm in Atlanta for your upcoming divorce. We’re some of the best divorce lawyers in the area and will handle your case with support, understanding, and experience. Contact us today for divorce help and to get started.