How to Change a Last Name After Divorce in Georgia

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Sure, you can change your name on social media and even change what you sign for certain things. However, if you changed your name to your partner’s name for your marriage, then it is still your last name when the marriage is terminated. 

Some people choose to keep their married last name — even after the divorce — for continuity and ease if their children still have the other last name. There are, however, many other reasons that people choose to change their official last name back to their maiden name. 

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Name Change at the Time of Divorce

With marriage, Georgia allows for a couple to choose their surnames. This can mean each spouse keeps their last name, one takes the other’s last name, or the two create a new last name for them to share. So, with divorce, it makes sense that both spouses could restore their previous name. The most efficient, fast, and cost-effective way to do this is within the divorce petition while filing for divorce. When you meet with and choose a divorce attorney in Atlanta, be sure to say this is something you’re interested in doing.


Name Change After the Divorce Is Finalized

If you didn’t change your name during the divorce process but would like to after the divorce is finalized, then all is certainly not lost. According to GeorgiaGov, you’ll need to submit a petition to your local Superior Court describing why you’d like to change your name (e.g. you have recently been divorced). Once the court approves your request, you’ll need to update your driver’s license (within 60 days of the name change), your Social Security card, and your passport. 

After all legal documents reflect the name change, you’ll also need to contact your bank, insurance companies, etc. to correct your name with those businesses as well.

Name Change With a Remarriage

If you remarry after your divorce, then you can take your maiden name, take your new spouse’s name, or keep the name used during your previous marriage if you so choose.

Work With a Divorce Attorney in Atlanta

Before you can even get to the name-changing process, however, you’ll need a divorce lawyer on your side to help you through the process. Be sure to check out our post How to Change a Child’s Last Name in Georgia if that pertains to you as well, and then contact The Fairell Firm today to get started with a divorce attorney in Atlanta.

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