Divorce Rates Expected to Soar Following COVID-19 Quarantine

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Making the decision to file for divorce isn’t easy. It’s even harder when it’s made during the midst of a global pandemic.

Experts around the nation are predicting that there will be a sharp increase in divorce filings as things return to some sense of normalcy, and today’s post is dedicated to explaining why that is and how you can navigate the proceedings during these challenging times.

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Forced Proximity

If you’ve been homebound with a spouse for the last two months, you’ve probably experienced tension, fighting, and other problems in your relationship. It’s easy to sweep things that annoy you under the rug when you’re busy with work and caring for the kids, but the mountain of issues you’ve ignored for a number of years is nearly impossible to ignore when you and your spouse are together all day, every day. When those issues come to light, many people are finding that their partners are unwilling to compromise or hear them out.


Financial concerns have always been a cause of divorce. In fact, financial issues are the second leading cause of divorce in the United States, with infidelity at the top. Millions of Americans are out of work, but mortgages, rent, and other debts are still due each month. In addition to causing immense personal stress, it can also put strain on a marriage. One spouse, for instance, may resent the spending habits of their partner or blame them for their current circumstances. The possibilities are endless, but we anticipate that many of the divorce filings this year will be at least, in part, caused by the financial hardship we’ve seen in the last few months.


Experts believe that divorce filings will increase in the coming months due to a raised awareness of mortality. COVID-19 and the ensuing chaos have forced us to take a close look at our lives, and many people are finding that they aren’t satisfied with where they’ve ended up. Marital problems are fairly easy to ignore when times are good, but many people are finding that, like their own mortality, uncomfortable truths can’t be avoided forever. Divorce provides the chance to begin again.

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