Child Custody and the Holidays: What You Need to Know

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Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and family parties galore are just around the corner, and you want everything to go smoothly. Let us guess: if there’s one thing to throw a wrench in your plans, it’s your ex and child custody. 

Whether it’s dropping them off late or out-buying you with holiday gifts, there are a lot of ways to go wrong with child custody during the holidays. Here at Fairell Roy & Associates, we do all we can to ensure life following a divorce is healthy and safe for both parents and children. If you’re in need of help from family law attorneys in Atlanta, then you can count on us. As child custody lawyers, we have vast experience with parenting plans. So if you’re going into the holiday season without full confidence in your current parenting plan, then feel free to meet with our family law attorneys to discuss your options. We’re located just out of Atlanta in Tucker, and we’d be happy to help. Read below to learn how you can make the most of the holiday season with your little ones.

Be Respectful of Your Ex

No matter what your relationship is with your ex, it’s essential that you treat them with respect and fairness around the holidays. This will ensure you have the best communication possible and that each of you is working hard to meet the other’s needs when it comes to child custody.

Be Respectful of Your Children

It’s also important that you’re respectful of your children. This could mean not arguing with your ex in front of them or not badmouthing your ex when your children are around. Remember, your children are trying to process everything as well.

Discuss Presents With Your Ex

When one parent “out-buys” the other in terms of gifts, it can be hard not to feel inferior or angry. Discuss presents with your ex, such as price limits or how your gifts can complement each other.

Follow the Parenting Plan

Your parenting plan is there for a reason — follow it! Though you may not like it, you are legally required to follow your parenting plan. If there are serious problems, then look into modifying the current plan with a family law attorney.

Plan Ahead

Finally, plan ahead. If you know about a holiday party at the end of December, then go ahead and let your ex know as soon as you do! This will lead to increased transparency and less stress for both you and your little ones.

Meet With a Family Law Attorney in Atlanta

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