Avoiding Personal Injuries Over the Holidays

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year to spend time with friends, family, and loved ones. However, from decorating your tree to hanging holiday lights, traveling to see family, or driving home in the snow, there is a lot of room for personal injury. 

A personal injury is debilitating and disheartening at any time of the year — but it can truly put a damper on your holiday season. If you or a loved one experiences a serious personal injury, then the personal injury attorneys here at Fairell Roy & Associates can help. We’re your car accident attorney, truck accident attorney, slip and fall lawyer, and any other personal injury attorney all wrapped up into one, and we’ll be happy to help you and your family this holiday season. 

Keep reading to learn how to avoid five common holiday personal injuries, and then contact Fairell Roy & Associates today to work with a personal injury attorney in Atlanta. We’re conveniently located in Tucker, and we wish you happy holidays!

Car Accidents

The risk of being in a car accident increases with the holidays because of increased traffic and adverse road conditions. Be sure to stock your car with an emergency kit (blanket, water, snacks, etc), never drink and drive, stay off your phone, and drive attentively and defensively. Our car accident lawyers have put together many blogs to keep you informed, so check out a few of these popular posts:

Decorating Accidents

This year, try decking the halls without falling off any ladders or pulling any muscles! Pay attention to safety warnings, don’t stand on furniture to reach certain spots, and don’t decorate alone when using your ladder.

Electrical Accidents

Those Christmas lights spread joy, warmth, and light both in and out of your house, but you can also get electric shock and need a personal injury attorney afterward! Look out for frayed wires or issues with the protective coating, and don’t overload sockets or keep them plugged in when you’re away from home. Do this, and you should be able to avoid an electrical fiasco like in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

Luggage-Related Accidents

Believe it or not, many people experience back injuries from dealing with over-packed suitcases at the airport and during travel. Keep your luggage light and wear a backpack if possible to evenly distribute the weight.

Slip and Fall Accidents

And, of course, slip and fall lawyers are in high demand come winter because of the hazards of snow and ice on streets, sidewalks, and more. Walk carefully, wear ice grippers when necessary, and be sure to apply salt to your own sidewalk and driveway if needed.

Meet With a Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta Today

Here in Atlanta, you can count on Fairell Roy & Associates. Our team of personal injury attorneys is committed to excellence, passionate about helping others, and fearless in pursuing what’s right. If you’ve suffered from a personal injury and need representation, then we’re the personal injury attorneys for you. Check out some of our other personal injury attorney blogs for more resources:

We’re located in Tucker and serve victims of personal injuries throughout the Atlanta area. Contact us today to meet with a personal injury attorney you can trust.

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