8 Damages Your Personal Injury Settlement Could Cover

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Navigating life after a personal injury can feel overwhelming, painful, and challenging. By working with a personal injury attorney to recover damages from the accident, you can increase your level of comfort and lessen the pain of what you’re going through. While it may be unlikely that life will return to “normal” — even with the help of a personal injury settlement — you can begin taking steps now to adjust to your new normal. 

If you’ve been a victim of a personal injury, then our accident lawyers can help. Read below to find out what types of damages you can recover, and contact our personal injury law firm today. You can schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney who is qualified, experienced, and passionate about helping find justice.

General Damages (“Non-Economic”)

Damages are typically classified as “general” and “special.” General damages essentially are all the non-economic aspects you’ve gone through as the result of your personal injury. We’ve listed the main considerations below, although there may be other general damages your personal injury attorney can help you fight for.

1. Pain and Suffering

This can vary from short-term to long-term pain and suffering depending on the extent of your injuries. Pain and suffering attempts to quantify the effect the injury has had on your everyday life.

2. Loss of Consortium

In some personal injury cases, your relationship with a spouse or another family member may be negatively affected and compensation can be provided for the loss.

3. Disfigurement

Disfigurement can change the way you see others and others see you for the rest of your life. Personal injury attorneys can handle this general damage with tact.

4. Loss of Enjoyment of Life

You may receive “loss of enjoyment” damages if a personal injury prevents you from enjoying your previous hobbies, exercise, etc.

Special Damages (“Economic”)

Special damages refer to any economic losses you’ve suffered at the hand of a personal injury. Again, there may be additional damages that your personal injury attorney can help you win in court.

5. Medical Treatment

The cost of medical care after a personal injury can skyrocket — and it may be high for years depending on the injury. Your personal injury attorney should be adept at getting damages for medical treatment.

6. Lost Wages

Let’s say you were in a car accident and spent days in the hospital. Your car accident attorney could help you get compensation for lost wages on those days (and subsequent days in recovery) when you couldn’t work.

7. Property Damage

Whether it’s a car accident, work accident, truck accident, or another personal injury, your property may have been damaged or lost as a result. Reimbursement for repairs or compensation may be attainable.

8. Lost Income Opportunity

If the accident leaves you with the inability or decreased opportunity to make money in the future, then your personal injury attorney can seek damages for lost income opportunity.

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