6 Tips for Communicating With Your Ex Over the Holidays

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The holidays seem to be equally full of fun and stress at times, and the stress can come out in full force if you and your ex aren’t communicating well. They may be your ex, but when you have children together, they’ll always be in your life in some way or another. And around the holidays, you may need to communicate more than you do the rest of the year. 

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Be Detail-Oriented

Now is not the time to have a “general idea” of when your child needs to be dropped off at your ex’s house. Instead, be detail-oriented in everything you do. Know exactly where your children need to be, when they need to be there, and all the details surrounding exchanges.

Be on Time

You know how frustrating it is when your children are dropped off late during the year — now imagine them being dropped off late when you’re on a way to a family party. Commit to being on time for everything.

Don’t Make It a Competition

Whether it’s about how much time you have together, what presents you get them, or how many pieces of candy they get, remember that it’s not a competition. You and your ex still need to discipline your children, so don’t turn it into a big competition that your children are caught in the middle of.

Follow the Parenting Plan

When you first separated and met with a family law attorney, you were given a parenting plan to follow. Do it! The parenting plan outlined what would happen on holidays and you need to respect it.

Plan for the Next Year

Go ahead and start planning for next year! Especially if the current parenting plan isn’t working well for some reason, then consider meeting with a family law attorney in Atlanta to look at possible modifications.

Talk About Presents

We mentioned not making presents a competition, but it’s also wise to communicate openly and clearly with your ex about presents right from the beginning. You may be able to get themed presents or go in together on one larger gift from the two of you.

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