4 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Personal Injury Attorney

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Following a serious personal injury, the road to recovery can feel long, stressful, and confusing. Despite this, it can still be tempting to try and handle your case by yourself. You may think it’s possible to talk to the insurance companies involved and advocate for your long-term health and wellness, but you will be doing yourself a big favor by instead working with a personal injury attorney. 

Here at Fairell Roy & Associates, we understand the temptation to fight insurance companies by yourself. For most people, the obvious benefit is saving money. When you work with a personal injury attorney, however, you may be surprised at how fair the legal fees really are — and how much you’ll get in return, including a larger settlement. Keep reading to learn why to work with a personal injury attorney and then contact us today to meet with an accident lawyer in Atlanta. We’re conveniently located in Tucker and we’re ready to help.

You can focus on recovery.

Following a personal injury, you need time to recover. Even if you do leave the hospital relatively fast, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can get back to work and deal with something as triggering and potentially stressful as dealing with insurance companies. Rest is what the doctor ordered, and dealing with the stress of insurance companies certainly isn’t resting.

You can save time.

Reading pages and pages of information about personal injury settlements, filling out all the proper paperwork correctly, and talking to insurance company representatives is time-consuming, to say the least. As you recover and get back into work, other obligations, and your social life, let your personal injury attorney help you by saving you time.

We are objective.

If you’ve been in an accident of some sort that led to a serious personal injury, then you most likely won’t be objective regarding the facts of the case. And this is normal! A personal injury attorney, however, will be completely objective and look at the factual evidence of the case without clouded judgment.

We have experience.

Finally, an accident attorney will have the experience you’re looking for. Here at Fairell Roy & Associates, we’re experts in evaluating damages, we understand personal injury law and can decipher legal and medical jargon, and we have experience reaching desirable settlements. Don’t try to do it all alone — and regret it later when you realize you could have recovered more damages.

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Fairell Roy & Associates is a personal injury law firm conveniently located in Tucker. Whether you need a car accident attorney, truck accident attorney, slip and fall lawyer, or you’re simply looking broadly for a personal injury attorney with whom you can speak, you can count on us. Contact us today to get started with a personal injury attorney in Atlanta, and check out these other resources on our blog:

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